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Copyright 2008 Sony Pictures Step Brothers

Copyright 2008 Sony Pictures Step Brothers

Everyone has their ups and downs in their career.  Everyone puts on their best face forward and tries to make the best of sometimes a spiraling down situation.  Sometimes we see nothing but bad and negative in those awkward moments.  Simply from fear we just give up.

Here’s the thing….

More times than not we are the most creative in times of desperation.  Why?  The fact is we just get lazy when everything is going day to day.  To be honest, every now and then it’s not a bad thing to get a kick in the ass.  A restart.  Refresher course.

Oh wait here comes the pity parties of “Oh No I can’t” … oh “Yes YOU CAN”…

I am too old to learn” … You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  Age ain’t nothing but a number.  Sometimes seasoned employees are more the wiser.  You can teach wise people new skills.  On the other hand, you can’t teach a skilled newcomer humility, maturity and common sense.

My skills are lax” …. We live in the .com age so the information is out there and with every YouTube video “here’s how you do it” there is absolutely NO reason, at the bare minimum, not to review and keep up.

I don’t do interviews” … Sometimes in interviews it feels as if you are on the witness stand being cross examined by Al Sharpton at the class reunion you didn’t want to show up at because you gained 15 pounds .  Remember you might be interviewing but don’t forget you ARE interviewing them too.  There is a reason why the position is not filled; and it’s a good a question to ask why the person who held the position left.  Not to make you even more nervous but YES they are watching your body language; so don’t you forget to watch their body language, length of time it takes them to answer your questions and how many times they look down at their paper because your awesomeness has stumped them or maybe they don’t want to stare at the sweat droplet coming down your nose.

I am gonna lose vacation and the benefits I have gained” … ASK FOR THEM.  This might be hard to believe but I was a little mischievous in my younger years.  At times I got called on it and sent to the office (Principals, Dean’s, Human Resources) and at those moments I walked in cool as a cucumber put on my best smile, admitted to whatever I did, play upped “I just wasn’t thinking routine” and ALWAYS threw in a little humor.  More times than not, I got nothing more than a hand slap.  In my life I have only had one write up and never been walked out.  Yes I am  bragging because I am even surprised at those statistics.  Point is, all they can do is tell you no.  However they most likely will compromise if they really think you are the one.  Truth is they want you to be happy and take the job with no reservations.  Neither you nor the company wants you to feel like the compensation expectations weren’t met.  Do everyone a favor and be forward, truthful and willing to compromise if they meet you halfway.

It’s a whole new group of people” … You ever seen a sitcom that is popular and by next season there is 3 new shows just like it with the same cast of characters.  Getting a new office environment is sorta like that.  The first episode pilot … I mean the first day … everyone is nice.  However as the season continues you start to see the cast of characters flaws … I mean your co/workers weaknesses like their 30 minute coffee break that starts first thing when they show up to work.  Sometimes it just takes people till noon to be fully coherent but, in all honesty, I get my best work done in the afternoon.

Here’s the deal folks.  Step outside the box.  Stop telling yourself “No’’.  That is what “we were really impressed with your qualifications but ….” rejection letters are for.  Personally, when I have gotten one of those letters I think to myself, “Well obviously the feeling isn’t mutual because I would be hiring the hell out of me”.

Get out there!

Make it Happen!

Fear Not!


By Land – By Sea – Go Where Ever Your Destination Shall Be,

Faylisa Fox

Writer, Blogger, Inspirationalist, Global Adventurist, Altruist Extraordinaire , Traveller